Monday, 29 May 2017

Why zoos should be exist?

Why zoos should be exist?

  • I think that zoos should not exist because they threaten them like bad animals that can kill people in the whole world.

  • Some worlds beat up animals and some als countries
Can teach animals like dolphins to jump through hoops
But the people are on the boats teaching them cause they go under water and flap their fins as hard as they can then they fly in the air for like 4 seconds or 5 seconds.

  • I wish they stay in a place where her is no people so they can't beat them up all als they might kill them or shoot them because they are hunters or enemies.

  • Some als people want wish that they can stay in zoos with the zookeepers but if they get sick they take them somewhere and they will take kear with them and they go back and when people come to the zoo they just watch them when they walk around and sometimes the look at the people.


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