Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Reflection of kiwisport

Reflection of kiwisport

At basketball we saw these two couches and her name was couch petter and couch hyrum and they told us v bounce,one hand v bounce,and other normal ones.

Then we always go to kiwisport every week and every monday then we started to play golden child,and the last one is line basketball it was cool her and i like kiwi can.

Next monday we got P.E things then we all started to play the games that we play at kiwisport it is amazing their
We were playing cricket with kiwi can and i was getting sixs.

Sixs mean that like how far you hit it then Mr malu got me out cause they were going hard on me but not hard on me.

Suave Fulled for life!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Copy of Suave and viliami Inquiry t2w8 WAL how different colours affect your emotions

WALT make fries

this is when we made fries and they were just cooked and we did this all the time it is cooking and we cook every week last week we made banana bread

thank you for reading my text.

Monday, 19 June 2017

golden crumpet

this video is an ad that is on tv i don't no what this means but they are trying to show people and others to impress them.

this is about butter thank you for watching.

Friday, 9 June 2017

should phones be in school

phones should be inside schools because you can keep in touch with your family,it can make you learn.

i think that phones should be allowed in school so if someone is hurt they can call the ambulance.

i think that students have one ,but you need to be big enough to have a phone.

for example phones are cool because they can make you learn,you can take photos easily.
we can text your mum,dad so if you get lost you can call the to come to pick you up.

we can call people and do pranks on them.

we can use our phones to use communication to help you to learn about cybersmart.

for example we can have or use our phones to do selfies.

you can play games.
you can blog your photos.

for example we can help and cheat buy going on calculator.

people have phones to do anything they want\.

i think that we should have one cell phone because it is cool.

good to keep up in touch with family, it can help you learn and are can do pranks on people.

Should fidget spinners be allowed to be in class and in school

fidget spinners are a cool stuff to play with and we can fidget when we want to play when we are done it can make you calm down

they are so noizy things but if they are new some times they are not noizy sometimes do

i like fidget spinners because the can make you dizzy sometimes even my friends like them to they play holes with them and you win them most of people play this game so as me to it is so cool and amazing there heaps

of colored fidget spinners they go so fast the more other things like wheels.